Calli et Fleur

Calli et Fleur, 是書法和花的意思。 兩種看似不相干的元素、併起來卻有意想不到的效果。以字、用花傳愛,為生活帶來一絲絲的溫暖。
Calli源自calligraphy, 由書法老師Eva 主理。以英文書法為主,創作一系列的作品。在書寫中,一筆一劃至組成一個字,都令人感覺得到治癒,是一個自我思考和沉澱的過程。亦希望以此令更多人感受到文字的溫暖。
Fleur是法文花的意思,由花藝師Gloria 主理。以真花製成但花期可比鮮花更長久的保鮮花和乾花製作不同的花禮,希望以花傳愛,亦希望令人存著收花時那份祝福的憶記。
Calli et Fleur 希望透過創作有意義和勵志的作品,提醒人要堅強去突破生活的難題也不忘關心和祝福身邊的人。

Calli et Fleur is the meaning of calligraphy and flowers. This gift of Flower chooses high quality preserved flowers and dried flowers from Japan. It also comes with Western calligraphy teachers hand-written text. This gift uses flowers and words to express love and to bring a trace of the warmth to whom receives it. If you have any enquiries or to place order , please email

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"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love"


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